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[Also called "College" on later maps]

This imposing lady is Anna Mary Drew.  She has come to be thoughtof (by us and by her neighbors for miles around) as a very virtuous andsaintly woman.  We first met Anna Mary in 1971 during our second tripto Ireland after we had found the location of our acestral Drew homestead,Lakenstown.  Anna Mary was still living in the home she was raisedin, in Lakenstown, with her brother Paddy.  The photo above was takenin her living room during our trip to Lakenstown in September of 2000. Although Anna Mary has never traced her ancestors with accuracy, and isnot certain of her Grandfather Drew's name, it is believed that we areall decended from James & Judith Drew.  Anna Mary is probablydecended from James (Jr.) (who married Mary Scott) the brother of our ancestor,Bernard, who Married Catherine Nally and begot our great great grandfather,John Drew, who Married Rose Reilly and later emigrated to the U.S.

(Paddy & Anna Mary)

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This 1971 photo shows Paddy and Anna Mary Drew, whom we calculate tobe our fourth cousins.  At that time they were living on the farmthat contained the ruins of the old Drew homestead; and were able to relatemany tales and traditions about the old homestead and the history of thatarea of County Westmeath.  Note that we were there at the perfecttime to see Anna Mary's beautiful flower gardens.  The farm and yardseen in the picture are just a few yards from "the ruins."


(Dan & Family)

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This photo, taken in 1970, shows Daniel Drew of Marlinstown, just outsideof Mullingar.  Dan is pictured here with his wife and youngest daughter,Marlene. 

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Dan & Marilyn Drew & son John pose with Dan Drew of Marlinstownoutside their home in Marlinstown in 1971.


(Edward, Catherine & family)

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John M. Drew (age 4) and the Drew family dog look on as our distantcousin, Edward Drew prepares his faithful donkey for a ride.  Thephoto was taken at Shandonagh in 1971.

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Dan Drew with son John posing (in 1970) at the home of Edward Drew,a distant cousin.  This family of Drews live in Shandonagh, whichis just a few miles from both Lakenstown and Mullingar.

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Catherine Drew (wife of Edward) is shown in this 1970 photo with heretwo sons, Paddy (r) and ....(?the younger brother.)

The rather poor 1971 photo at rightshows Daniel C. Drew visiting with Peter Drew the oldest living Drew clanmember in Ireland at that time.  Peter also had a sister, Mary whomwe did not get to meet since she was not feeling well.

Peter most certainly descends from the Lakenstown Drews... and froma branch known as the "black Drews."  Note that he (and his branch)are known for their jet black hair.  The great majority of Drews decendedfrom the Lakenstown Drew Clan had lighter auburn or even red hair and wereknown as the "red Drews."

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Somewhere in this history the sensitive matter of VERY LARGE EARS mustbe mentioned... and perhaps this is the time and place.  Peter iscertainly a good example of this.  The available pictures of our greatgrandfather and his siblings and their offspring, however, also show thisprominent trait.



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Eddie Drew, son of Dan Drew of Marlinstown (above) poses with his 4thcousin, (also Dan Drew) at beautiful 

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Following the awesome event, the group photo was taken showing JohnM. Drew at right & beside Eddie.  The women are 4 of Eddie's 5sisters.  Marlene, the youngest was missing.  Dan (Daniel C)Drew is at left & beside Eddie's sister, Kathleen O'Neill (in green.) Eddie and his sisters are the Children of Dan Drew of Marlinstown (photosabove) and probably 3rd or 4th cousins to Daniel G. Drew (my father) whomhe never knew of.


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Journalist, Kathleen Pendred poses above with Dan Drew in the Lakenstownliving room of Anna Mary Drew.  Kathleen has pen and notebook in handand is taking notes for an article in the "Westmeath Examiner" on the Drewfamily and our ancestors.

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Anna Mary's cat poses on her perch near some of the roses we are attemptingto grow in Indiana.

(Silly is always in style)

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Two examples of Lakenstown humor are pictured here courtesy of AnnaMary's brother "Paddy" Drew whom we met in 1970 and '71, but who had passedaway a few years before our 2000 trip.  At left is what American'scall a mail box; but it is known in Ireland as a "letter box."  Normallyin Ireland a letter box has the word "letters" on it.  It seems thatwhen Paddy had completed the task a making a new letter box, he decided(to amuse his sister) to decorate it as above.  Tradition is thatshe was not amused at first, but was able to laugh about it later. Meanwhile, the photo at right shows the glassed in "all weather" sentinelpost Paddy made for his little watch dog ...complete with a ramp for entryand exit.  Meanwhile, on a more serious note, compare the house inthe photo at right with the 1971 photos, and it is clear that Paddy madesome fine improvements.  He added a second story and made the placequite comfortable.

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