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[Also called "College" on later maps]

This photo (and the next several) show the "ruins" or remaining stoneworkfoundations of what was once a thriving community 200 years ago. Several of these homes were built and lived in by Drews.  This photoshows more of the typical Westmeath countryside in the background. Besides general farming, the surrounding "peat bogs" provided a major industryin the area.  Men were hired to dig the peat from the upper layersof the earth... much like strip mining.  The peat would then be shippedaway and sold for fuel... just like coal.

This 1971 photo shows Paddy and Anna Mary Drew, whom we calculateto be our fourth cousins.  At that time they were living on the farmthat contained the ruins of the old Drew homestead; and were able to relatemany tales and traditions about the old homestead and the history of thatarea of County Westmeath.  Note that we were there at the perfecttime to see Anna Mary's beautiful flower gardens.  The farm and yardseen in the picture are just a few yards from "the ruins."

Another view of the ruins at Lakenstown.  One sees herehow the roses and other flowers had grown up around all the old stone foundationsand ruins.  The red ones are known as "wild Irish roses" and we weresuccessful in bringing some back to the USA during our Sept. 2000 trip. If they grow well in Indiana, we shall make them available to all the Drewdescendants.  We will have to wait and see if they survive the harshIndiana winters.

Another photo from our 1971 visit to the farm of Paddy andAnna Mary Drew.  Pictured left to right are Marilyn Drew with JohnM. Drew, age 4; Anna Mary, Paddy and Dan Drew.  Several buildingsfrom the "village" of Lakenstown are seen in the background.

This photo of the ruins was taken as Marilyn Drew happened to be inspectingand gathering some of the gorgeous wild roses.  The famous "ROUNDCORNER" is in the background left of center.  Unfortunately, theseruins, including the round corner, were bulldozed in 1998 to make way for"progress."

Marilyn Drew poses amidst the old stone foundations.  In her handis a sample of the beautiful roses that grow up wild among the ruins.


This configuration of stone work, part of the Lakenstown ruins,plays an integral part of the tradition that the Drew families of thattime were excellent stonemasons.  Paddy Drew, living on the propertyin 1971, asserted with certainty that all the stonework in those ruinswas the work of Drews... including this "round corner" which Paddy saidwas famous throughout several counties.
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